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To achieve the aims of the service we must dedicate ourselves to our service philosophy: "For every service we offer we will understand the requirements that meet the clients needs, we will conform to those requirements without exception."

The service we provide is, we believe, unique to Individual Care Services and we endeavour to continually modify and develop the range of services we offer service users in response to their ever-changing needs. The client is the focus of the services we deliver.

We recognise that making an unequivocal quality policy statement is fraught with difficulties, particularly in an environment that is constrained by imprecise means of assessment and resource issues. Nevertheless, anything less than the pursuit of a total quality service provision is unacceptable.

Individual Care Services ensures that each service user is able to express their views about the service they receive. This is achieved via the Service User Quality Monitoring questionnaires, which are sent annually to every service user.

Additionally, supervisory staff visit service users at least quarterly to review their level support and obtain service user feedback in relation to the general level and quality of the support that they receive. Service users are also encouraged to express their views about the service they receive via Individual Care Services "Comments - Ideas - Compliments" information contained in the Service Users Complaints Procedure.

ICS Quality Assurance Report (January 2015)